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Hey Chase, I am not sure if you want cordless or no. If yes, obviously go cordless with your 20v system.  I will say I use a Milwaukee M18 cordless circular and absolutely love it.  I also have (keeping in mind I am a lefty - why am I treated so different?) a Makita Magnesium (lighter weight) Hypoid Circular Saw.  It comes with a rafter hook and a six foot cord.  This 7-1/4" circular saw will cut through Cadillacs.  I could carve an entry way into granite.  I could cut my house in half. I could...  Seriously WICKED AWESOME POWER!  I am fond of and use my cordless saw but there are times when you need a corded saw.  Bosch makes a really solid saw as does Milwaukee.  Ridgid has a phenomenal circular saw in two sizes (7-1/4" and 6-1/2"). If you shop on CPO (Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita etc.) you can get a reconditioned saw for well under $100.  I have used CPO and everything I have bought has either been in new or nearly new condition and they are very quick about shipping.  Having the cordless is great for sheet work and will certainly cut through 2x material but there is no replacing a good quality corded saw. Good Luck!

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Yea, if you're already vested in the 20V Max line it would make little sense to go with anything else. Me personally, If I were going to have only 1 circ saw I'd want a corded model. I have the Milwaukee 6394 and it's awesome. The corded Dewalt models are nice as well. I paid a little extra for the model with the electric brake, but if I hadn't had all these damn kids running around trying to "help", I'd have saved a few bucks and got the model without the brake. 

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