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DCL070 Large Area Light - 1/2 off


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I’ve been anxiously waiting on the DCL079 tripod light and now that we’re past Christmas I was going to order it. But then I spotted the large area cordless light on AcmeTools for $199. The kit is listed for $299. None of the other sites are offering the same deal. Their eBay site also has the bare light for $199 so it shouldn’t be a misprint. I was going to get the tripod because I couldn’t justify $400 for a light, but if they’re the same price and one has over twice as much output...

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Over the Christmas holiday I saw the Large Area Jobsite Light (DCL070) for as low as $149.00 on Amazon. (174.00 + 25.00 off Dewalt $100 purchase.) I assumed they were dropping in price now that the tripod has been released.


They're currently $199 on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DCL070-FLEXVOLT-Bluetooth-Light/dp/B01H9BLKKQ


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I have the area light at work , don’t like it. Light shining upwards sucks. I just received my tripod light and love it...bouncing light off a wall or ceiling is awesome..also for deck work it lights up the whole back of the house..
Aren't you supposed to hang this light style from the ceiling?
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