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hammer drill vs drill driver chuck difference


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hey guys , i'm new around here :rolleyes:

wanted to know if the new m12 gen 2 drill driver has a different chuck , compared to the hammer drill model .

it seems both are listed for the same price (i checked the kit which includes the impact also) 

kit numbers are 2596-22 and 2598-22 .

if the chuck is the same , why would anyone go for the drill/driver model ? 


i'm looking for something with better precision , but if they both have same chucks , then it probably wont matter .

i have m18 kit and i dont like the hammer drill chuck . it has high runout on small drills and gets better with bigger drills .


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In my case I also have a sds rotary hammer so I never use the hammer drill feature.  I have a m18 gen 2 hammer drill that I got in a kit and when I wanted a back up drill I opted for the gen 2 drill driver because it was $30 cheaper and slightly shorter (less weight too but hardly noticable.)  But after getting the drill driver I found that the chuck doesn't have the carbide tips in the chuck jaws.  I don't know if I notice a huge difference in the way it secures drill bits but I would think the hammer drill chuck will wear less over time.  All that being said I don't know if there is a difference in chucks on the m12 gen 2 but might be worth checking because I know they're different on the m18.

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10 hours ago, HiltiWpg said:

Why would I pay more for a hammer/Drill/driver if I plan on buying a real Rotary Hammer?

Thats why.

thats the problem . both cost the same , so you're not paying more for the hammer drill.

i also have m18 fuel hammer drill and 2715-20 sds rotary hammer , so i dont need the hammer on the m12 .

but if i'm paying the same price for more features then why not , unless the chuck is better on non hammer drill.

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In my first post I said the reason for getting a drill driver was to save length and weight (even if it was a very small savings) because I don't use the hammer function.  But after looking at the specs of the m12 gen 2 drill vs hammer drill there is no difference in length or weight which is very uncommon.  So in my opinion prices being the same there would be zero reason to not get the hammer drill.  

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Actually a great reason to avoid the hammer drill if you’re getting a rotary hammer anyway is there’s less to go wrong with the tool. Even with the wimpy hammer action those types of drills are taking on mechanical impacts and complexity can introduce problems over time. Why introduce risks adding an objectively watered-down features you’re never going to use especially when you have a more specialized tool anyway?


The compact Makita drill I happen to have is a perfect example for this. The hammer version of this particular model has (had?) this issue where using it in hammer mode eventually causes it to get stuck in hammer mode. They’ve supposedly fixed it but broken models that people buy then return just so they get stuck back on the shelf are still floating out there. The drill is perfect for around-the-house utility otherwise, I don’t see myself needing to do any hammer drilling in the foreseeable future, ergo I went out of my way to get the non-hammer drill.


Side story I got it just in time too because Makita has since increased the price of the non-hammer version some $30. Apparently the non-hammer drill is winning comparison tests so everyone’s realizing it’s a fantastic piece of kit when it doesn’t have a chintzy hammer function bringing it down. They still sell the hammer version for not even a hundred bucks and I wonder if they should just cut their losses and discontinue it for that model.

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So I got a 2704 hammer drill back from Milwaukee service. They didn’t fix my issue however they did replace the chuck with a new chuck that has no carbide inserts. I’m not sure if this was on purpose due to known chuck issues with them or if they just put the wrong chuck on by accident. I have one more drill coming back from service tomorrow with the same issue so I’ll see what chuck they put on that one.

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Hi guys,


Milwaukee has messed up their specs on these drills the length is the same but the non hammer version weighs half a pound less. Well at least this is my guess. If you read the product description it 2.8 lbs for the hammer but in the specs it says 2.3. If you read the specs for the non hammer it says 2.3 and also 2.3 in the specs.


hope this helps

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