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Combo bench top sanders

Framer joe

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If it's going to be for occasional use I'd say go with the Wen, if you find that you are using it more often then upgrade if needed. You might find that you use the disc sander and don't need the belt sander so by upgrading from a lower cost machine in the future you could get a bigger disc sander and not have a machine that is only half used. Same for the drill press, I have to finish setting up my little 8" Wen but it looks like it'll do everything I need so I see no reason to buy a more expensive machine until I actually find a need for it.

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6 hours ago, Framer joe said:

I’m getting into shop tools, bench top combo disc/ belt sander , drill press...anyone have a good  model ? Do you buy ...wen...or upgrade to say ...jet...for occasional use ? Any help would be appreciated 😊

I used to go with Delta on those type of tools before Stanley Black and Decker sold the name to another company. A lot of the smaller stuff they made seems to be made by Porter-Cable now with similar construction to the older Delta Shopmaster line.


Since it is for occasional use, I wouldn't hesitate to look around at pawn shops/ used stuff stores and see if any are around. it doesn't take much effort to tell if something was used once or twice and sold or was abused and dumped. You can also look at places like Rockler and Woodcraft. You would be surprised how inexpensive some of the Wood River and Rikon tools are, after that there is always Grizzley to look at.  As for benchtop tools, one of my favorites is a spindle sander, I find I go to it before the 1"belt/5" disc sander I have and for that I would recommend going with the Ridgid (I didn't, but would if I had a Mulligan), it is a spindle/ belt sander.

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On 1/18/2018 at 10:26 PM, Framer joe said:

Thanks guys, I always heard of Delta ( I think “Norm” used delta floor models) back in the day and porta Cable was a beast long ago.....I try some pawn shops first ,never went to a pawn shop...

My pawnshops are disappointing when it comes to tools. I can't believe they even bought half the items 

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