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Makita Wireless Auto Start

Eric - TIA

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A while back we showed you guys the new Makita wireless technology.  


So what is Makita Wireless Technology?

The Makita wireless system uses Bluetooth and talks or communicates between the tool and the dust extractor.  When you power up your tool, it will automatically turn on the dust extraction.  You can check out more about it on Makita Website.


I think this is a pretty cool technology.  Not sure how hard it is to turn on your dust extractor before you turn on your tool, but I know there are plenty enough times this will be useful.  I like how it takes one more item out of the equation and i don't have to even think about turning on/off the vac. 


So what do you guys think?  Something you think is cool or not?



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Cool enough that I’ll wait until I see it in stock for the miter and plunge saws I’m looking forward to getting. Too bad it wasn’t already on the trim router I picked up a couple months ago. Man having the vac hooked up on that thing is awesome.

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LOVE the trim router. The dust-clearing/visibility aspect is what puts it over the top in my mind. Coming from an old 1/2” corded that spewed all the sawdust everywhere, this thing is amazing. I haven’t flogged this thing with anything too heavy, and not sure the necessity is likely to come up for me anyway.

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