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Bosch JIg Saw 1590EVS Problem


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My Bosch jig saw, model 1590EVS, does not maintain speed when I engage the trigger lock.  It slows down and then speeds up and continues this pattern.  I have contacted Bosch to inquire as to which part(s) should be replaced.  Bosch Customer Service will only tell me that I should have it serviced at an authorized service shop.  I have found sites that sell replacement parts and if possible I would like to do the repair myself.     

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Funny as I came here to the forum for the same issue with the same jig saw. I haven't contacted Bosch as I figured they'd tell me what they told you.


I'm very bummed as I haven't used this saw hard nor have I used it a lot. And I like it.


Did you find an answer to your question? Or does anyone reading this have any idea what might be wrong?

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I have the 1587 and that one has the speed pot built into the trigger. Does the 1590 have a separate speed pot? If so, have you cleaned the inside of the saw out yet with a few shots of air? You can also try some contact cleaner on the pot. I've found blowing out my saws and sanders has done wonders for some performance issues. Contact cleaner has done wonders for hte pots on my guitar amps as well.

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My problem started out exactly the same.  Progressed to intermittently turning clear off.  It seems related to the variable speed trigger switch.  Now mine only runs on the lowest speed or will not come on at all.  I have not used this saw all that much.  Are these switches defective?  Replaceable by DIY?  Sending this somewhere of having it repaired by someone will more than likely cost  more than a new one.  But if I have to buy new it won't be Bosch again.  This one is junk.  [Bosch 1590 EVS]

Can anyone suggest a known fix and a source for the part(s)?

Thank you in advance.

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I want to thank Satchmodog in this thread.

I tore into mine. Since it didn't work I had nothing to lose.   Blew is out with air as suggested, and sprayed contact cleaner.  Then worked the trigger, and the rear speed adjuster.

The saw now works again.  Unfortunately I can't tell if the problem had something to do with the trigger switch or the rear speed control adjuster.  I did them both at the same time before plugging it back in to test.

Obviously these contacts are not sealed from dust.

Thank you!

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