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Angle Grinder - Suggestions?


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Hey guys,

I'm looking for a new angle grinder.

Should be used to grind metals and clean weld seams.


Really like the Bosch cordless grinders but don't have experience with battery powered angle grinders.


See here:



Does anyone have experience with the Bosch Tools or any other suggestions?




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not sure about bosch grinders for cordless I do have a Milwaukee Fuel grinder and coupled with a 9.0ah battery I can't be any happier....here is a shot 3 stages up on scaffolding grinding cement window openings......don't even realize it has a battery.... 


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Honestly any top brand's grinder is going to be good. Metabo is considered the best but you can''t go wrong with any other high end grinder from Makita, Milwaukee, either voltages of Dewalt, Bosch. Since you're in the Bosch lineup, I'd go with that. Though, if you're heavy handed the Flexvolt Dewalt will be the hardest to bog down, followed by the Milwaukee Fuel and Makita X2 grinder.


I personally wouldn't buy into Flexvolt because it has limited tools that are developed for that specific platform and it's a big battery to use for 20V stuff, so you'll probably end up buying 20V batteries. I like the Milwaukee line personally, it's a large line with basically any tool you could use. Makita is my second favorite, good build quality, good lineup and the X2 series is soo smart that I'm surprised everyone hasn't ripped it off. Dewalt also loses their advantage of availability since Flexvolt is still limited to certain stores. Also, I wouldn't buy into the Metabo line due to a small line of tools.

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Im assuming 5"? If you need corded I'd go with metabo, cordless as rcarnes911 suggested the flexvolt is the best I've used. I've had cordless metabo, milwaukee, I've used cordless AEG and hitachi but the new 54v Dewalt truly has cord like power. If you're going to be grinding fillets you should look at some fillet weld grinders too. You will be able to get the wheel just about anywhere and then buy a cheap corded grinder for general grinding.

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I'm a great fan of the Hitachi cordless tools, and this one is great as well. It's lightweight, but has decent cutting power. I wouldn't use it to build a house, but for light duty home use it's fine. This is perfect for the quick job when you don't want to get out an extension cord and you need to cut a few pieces of rebar or pipe. Or you may need to groove some stone or concrete. Also great for normal grinding applications on metals.I have 3 batteries, so I was able to cycle through them without running out of power. If you have a project that requires a lot of cutting, you would need at least 2 batteries to keep up your workflow.

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I have the better grade Dewalt corded 11 A version and the Milwaukee fuel cordless. Hands down the little and much lighter Dewalt runs rings around the Milwaukee. If I did it again and I could only buy one, I’d get the corded. But take for instance yesterday where I needed to grind off some rusted bolts and do some sheet metal modifications on a starter I was rebuilding. No idea where the nearest receptacle is and didn’t care. I did everything with the Milwaukee. Now if I had to grind out welds all shift or do a big 1/2” plate bevel or strip paint, it’s the Dewalt all the way. So it depends on what you need to do. If the cord is convenient or it’s a big job, I grab the corded. Otherwise I slap the battery in and go to town. We’ve got some Dewalt 20V Max too. The Milwaukee fuel version does a lot better. It doesn’t stall out nearly as easy. But it’s hard to stall the corded Dewalt.

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