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Need Info On Hilti Compressor


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I've got two Hilti compressors in really good shape, but I don't have the invoice to find out what I paid for them.


I called Hilti headquarters (in OK I believe it was) and the reps that I spoke with said the reason it's not on any of my price lists is because Hilti no longer sells any compressors.


The model is AC2-PH11-30H and it has an 11 HP Honda engine.


Can any of you tell me approximately what these compressors sold for new? I'm going to be selling one or maybe both eventually and I want to price it accurately. The only info I've turned up was what one older one brought at auction that was in horrible condition.


Any info at all would be helpful.





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As you know, something is always worth what someone is willing to pay. I have no idea what they sold for new, but the fact that Hilti no longer sells compressors may hurt it's value a little. If I were going to guess, I'd think it would have likely been in the $3500 range new, but being Hilti it could have been more. Chances are it was never actually produced by Hilti and was probably OEM'd by someone else. 

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