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When is SK209G Makita Green Laser available?


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Makita lasers do not suck. Not a single one. 


The rotary laser SKR200 is a very basic unit but also very cheap. 


The line lasers sk102/103/104 are all nice units that do what they have to do.


The laser you mentioned above ( SK209 )  is a very high end unit .


Now, 90 out of 100 people wouldn't even know ( or notice ) the difference between this and a cheapo DeWalt line laser so for most people there is no need to spend alot more money on this SK109 then on the DeWalt line lasers.

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Thanks, I hope you are right. I have a lot of lasers, but they're all either PLS, or Hilti. They're not perfect, nor bad, and they all succumb to decalibration from time to time I guess.


I can't wait to get this laser, and I hope Makita is nice with their warranty process as PLS is.

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Accuracy, real line laser instead of a prism laser, can be calibrated, receiver always works,  dials for fine movement, vertical lines cross in the center of the laser instead of ' outside ' the laser, mangetix dampened pendulum. Laser diodes/mirrors better protected if it falls.


Altho if you just want ' green lines ' then the DeWalt will do

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Whoa, whoa, whoa... hooooold on. I have a very important PSA for you guys. This particular expensive Dewalt laser ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! And I have lots of personal proof.


DEWALT DW089LG 12V MAX 3 X 360 Line Laser, Green U$D 449 currently.



My proof? My company's framing crews starting buying this particular laser, as well as the entire exterior/interior window guys for a particular gigantic 70,000 sft house I started.


So I got to see the awful results of 11 of these particular units.


The people buying them were absolutely clueless about the method for checking proper calibration on these types of lasers, which is documented on the manuals that they all threw away, of course.


I have a lot of experience with red/green crossline lasers, and most of them have a very similar tolerance of inaccuracy of about +- 1/8'' inch at 30ft.


To test these lasers against themselves I found that you simply find 2 walls at around 25ft x 25ft apart, and place your laser on one wall marking it's surroundings, and then placing the laser on the opposite wall to check if all your marking line up properly, or have that 1/8'' tolerance...


Not only did 10 of these 11 units went way past this 1/8'' tolerance (between 1/4'' to 3/8''), some of them would give me an entire 3/8" out of level ceilings inside very tiny closets of about 10ft x 12ft area on occasions! This is way too much inaccuracy  for these type of houses. Not to mention that God knows how much more inaccurate they'd get over time, or when they would decide to be a$$holes at random times of use...


I can not emphasize enough how bad this particular Dewalt model is, since I had to suffer a lot of headaches for out of level, or out of square work done by them for almost a year in this particular home.


I check my own crossline lasers every 3 months or so, and if they start breaking that 1/8'' tolerance, I found that PLS is the easiest to exchange, or recalibrate my units in the least painful way possible. Good luck getting Dewalt to honor their 1 year warranty though, or not charge for recalibration, at least in the state I live in.


Please DO NOT buy a DEWALT DW089LG 12V  laser for any type of serious work. It's only ok to use for tiny 4ft x 6ft shower tiles at most, and even then it's still an expensive paper weight.








sucky laser.jpg

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5 hours ago, Framer joe said:

That's some serious DeWalt bashing and total BS....I realize this is a Makita forum but damn dude..the only laser not to buy is Makita.... Buy Hilti, Bosch...for high end... DeWalt is great for under 400... total BS

Joe, if you just compare specs you'll easily find that the DeWalt line lasers have some of the highest lack of accuracy around.


I don't know feet and inches but in millimeters the DeWalt has a possible 3 mm inaccuracy for every 10 meters. ( Compared to 1.5 for most decent lasers or even 1mm for hilti/these Makita )


So for any range larger then a living room the dewalts are way off. Can't even get them calibrated more correctly.


Short ranges it'll be ok.



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