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Recommend me a cordless drill


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I have a DeWalt DCD780, about seven years old. It's been fine, but it does struggle with heavier work from time to time. (Don't know if that's the batteries or the tool; I'm guessing the tool.) So I'm thinking of getting something else, maybe a little beefier, but not a behemoth.

With those requirements, what would you recommend and why? Assume for the sake of discussion that Hilti is too expensive, but any other pro or prosumer brand is on the table.

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I think one of the top compact drills is the dcd791 which is pretty much the newest model of the drill you have.  With the dcd791 you get 460uwo of torque vs 350uwo in your current drill and you upgrade to brushless.  The dcd777 looks similar and is brushless but it only has 1600rpm vs 2000rpm in the dcd780 and 791.  This is also why I don't really care for the compact milwaukee drills they only have 1800rpm and I prefer the higher rpms which maybe isn't a big deal for you.

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I’ve got the DCD996. It’s a beast but it’s a true powerhouse. Plus, I can drop in a 2.0 to reduce size when doing non-Thor like hammer drilling. Super good drill. I’d second the DCD791, more compact than mine but a really solid straight drill driver. The 996 has hammer functionality and it does do good work, I have smashed some tap cons in, no issues but generally I don’t use the hammer function.

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10 hours ago, dwasifar said:


I assume you mean any other DeWalt tools that use the same battery?  I have an impact driver that came with it.  Other than that, no.

If you want to stick with DeWALT then the DCD996 is a good option. Lots of power, 3 speeds, hammer mode for just incase, and a 3 mode led. 

What brand do you have the most cordless tools in? That brand might offer a good option as well.

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