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Makita 18V Lithium- ion Aussy tools


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I am currently living in Ireland, I took my Makita tools from Australia back with me, about a month ago one of my 18v Lithium-ion batts stopped working, then a second one and now my three batts are dead an will not charge, I have tried charging them in a different charger, but the light still flashes from green to red, my batts an charger are only a couple of months old.

Australia has the same voltage as Ireland/ UK

They didn't get any abuse in fact they have spend the last couple of months sitting in my room not getting used

Anyone have any ideas? The only thing I can grasp at is its something to do with the chips in the batts..other wise I have no idea why I am €300 down

Hope someone on here knows the answer an more importantly how to fix it.



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Not sure about how all the voltages run, but the timing is certainly peculiar. Makita has had some battery issues, but it's odd that they all up and died together. Are you sure the current is the same amperage and everything? I know a 240 in the UK is lower amps than a 240 in the US.

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That problem is because memory chip taking power only from first cell and when that cell run out of power memory chip thinks that battery is broken and blocks it. If you not inserted battery in to charger for more then 3 times you can try to take it apart and charge first battery cell from other cells and then put it to charger - some times it works. 

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