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I've been using the Milwaukee bits the last couple years. I've been happy with them. The Dewalt bits are alright too. My dad uses them and seems to like them. I'll never buy cheap ass bits again though. Morse are probably the best bits all around, but the price typically reflects that. 

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I have been happy with my bits. I got a 4 pack at Lowes for $25 and it had the impact ready, gold ferious drill bits and two normal screw driving sets. I have only had one impact break and it is the #2 drywall bit because i used it for driving every screw i have.

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Please define bits please guys, because over here getting your bits out means something completely different.  LOL   :)


e.g do you mean screwdriver bits as opposed to drill bits or does bits cover the whole genre as over here where anything that goes in a drill is a bit of one kind or another?

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Wayne has a secret he's not telling you. By night he's a superhero. He has superhuman strength. Kinda like Hulk with a funny accent and he turns purple instead of green. His super strength transfers to whatever he's holding like electricity looking for a ground. Rides around in a purple Mini Cooper and survives solely on Earl Grey and crumpets. I'll let him tell you what name he goes by.

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