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Which would you buy?


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- Hey all,


I'm new here, but love what I'm reading and learning on the forum. I'm a moderator DIY guy and am looking to upgrade all of my tools. I have a plethora of used Milwaukee and DeWalt tools that have been handed down to me or purchased used over the years, but it's time for me to get a good combo kit finally. I don't NEED anything professional grade but absolutely appreciate quality tools and want something I can keep for many many years. I'm looking at some of the current home depot deals and I'm torn between two options:


1. Milwaukee M18 6 Piece Combo Brushed - $399


Reasons to get Milwaukee:

  • Better Quality
  • Extra Tool (Grinder would be a great addition to my shop)

2. RIDGID 5 Piece Combo Brushless - $399



Reasons to get RIDGID:

  • Brushless
  • Lifetime Warranty


What are your thoughts? Anything else I should consider here that would help sway me? I have a buddy who loves his RIDGID stuff, but I've used Milwaukee enough to know it's great.


Thanks all!


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Milwaukee has had some rebranded AEG/Ridgid tools in their lineup in the past. If it's good enough for Milwaukee, it's good enough for most non-commercial work.


The Ridgid warranty and brushless tools alone are enough justification to skip the Milwaukee brushed stuff.


There isn't a whole lot of difference between any of the brands at that price point. The Ridgid tools should offer superior torque and overall performance.


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Those 2 3.0 batteries are going to get very little done on the saw or grinder (I mean, cut off tool) in that Milwaukee kit and you aren’t going to be able to keep up with their basic charger. 


Ridgid seems like a far better value. 

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First off welcome to the forums. Brand decisions are hard to make made harder by asking 😉 here. We are ALWAYS willing to help part a guy from his money. Ridgid and Milwaukee make excellent tools. Milwaukee has a larger tool base. I have gone back and forth on Milwaukee and have given them a third chance with some very specialized tools and thus far I am very happy with them. Ridgid has fewer tools but am incredible warranty if you register properly. Ryobi is also a real brand to consider. Between Ryobi and Milwaukee nailers, I would go Ryobi all day long as I’ve owned both. There are other brands out there too. Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback guys. This is incredibly helpful. Some good points here on getting more value with the Ridgid. Seems like the battery life and brushless motors on the Ridgid is just a smarter move. I'll be a little let down not having red in my tool chest, but I'll probably be much happier in the long run with Ridgid.


@Bremon you make a good point on the battery life. I actually couldn't find a whole lot of info on run time between different battery models and was wondering what that would look like with the Milwaukee combo. 

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I wouldn't make a general statement about the brands, but those two kits specially, yep go the Rigid. The brushed battery grinders aren't very good anyway (with the exception of Metabo).


When you get a chance to pick up the BL Rigid grinder, you won't regret it, it's a nice tool.

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If I'm reading it right the ridgid kit actually has 1- 4.0ah and 1- 2.0ah battery.  As a homeowner this might be perfectly fine as you should get pretty decent runtime on the 4.0 battery but if you run out your 4.0 you will probably see pretty poor performance running the two saws on a 2.0.  On the other had the 2.0 is nice to have on the drill and impact as it saves some weight and size.  


I probably shouldn't even say this because I have no experience one way or the other with the lifetime warranty but there was a time when I looked at ridgid for that reason but I found a lot of mixed reviews.  It seems like some people have zero problems getting things warrantied but then you hear the horror stories of things not being covered or taking months to get a tool back.  As a business I didn't think it was the way to go because if I had a tool fail I wouldn't want to wait a long time to get it back but as a homeowner that might not be as critical.  On the other hand I've heard stories that if you have the right home depot you can pretty much just walk in with a broken tool and walk out with a new one.  One thing that is for sure if you go with this kit make sure you register it.


All that said I would still pick the Ridgid kit if I were in you're situation, I think it is the better kit. 

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I second the "Take a look at Ryobi" suggestion.  Ryobi makes some really great homeowner / DIY guy tools at a great price.  Their batteries are regularly half the price of Milwaukee's and they are slowly coming out with a number of brushless models as well.


Ryobi also has a lot of variety in oddball tools that the professional brands likely won't ever come out with (pool vacuum or chemical sprayer backpack anyone?).

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