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New Product: EGO reel mower/dethatcher/scarifier (self propelled)

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To my knowledge, you can't currently purchase a cordless electric de-thatcher in the US. Amazon has tons of electric ones though. It would seem a perfect fit for EGO's tech. There is only one cordless reel mower that I'm aware of and its an overpriced, underpowered 15 minute runtime toy (see below).


One thing I'd like to see and would definitely be first in line to buy, would be an combo EGO self-propelled reel mower that has a removable blade cartridge so you could purchase additional cartridges like a plug aerator, scarifier, de-thatcher and lawn sweeper (with a collection container that throws clippings into a standard plastic trash bag).


Something a bit beefier than this overpriced toy and with maybe a 30 inch cutting swath (this 15 inch is a joke for this price):


Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 1.28.43 PM.png

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I would like an EGO de-thatcher too, it must be feasible since it is already offered by several other manufacturers (Greenworks 40v and Einhell 2x18v have one, but both look a bit flimsy). Where I live, since scarifiers are only useful 1-2 times a year, renting them for the day is the common practice, I am not sure I would invest much money into it. About reel mowers, I like the idea but my experience with them has been terrible.


As I moved to my new house 2 years ago, I purchased the Gardena 380 EC (corded version of the one on your first picture) after having read so much good about reel mowers, thinking that the small format would help me to turn around obstacles. My conclusion is that these things are only good for 25 square meters, perfectly flat city lawns (and on a more personal note, that I should never trust bloggers when it comes to tools).


They don't generate any suction to lift the grass up (perhaps a more professional model does) so don't even think about mowing in the evening if the kids have been playing on the lawn during the day. Otherwise you'll have to repeat the process multiple times a week which is only suitable of you have a very small property or tons of free time.

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I used this mower a little more today. Today I finished my lawn. After 1 full mow with it, I can definitely say that this is so far the best mower I have ever used. I was amazed at how this mower cut through tall grass. There was a patch of grass that had probably grown to about a foot tall. It was in the back yard near my neighbors garden. He waters it sometimes so the section of grass within about 3-4 feet of the garden always receives a little water. I don't usually water my lawn unless I put grass seed down. Every gas mower I have ever owned would have bogged down trying to cut it. If the grass is that tall, I used to raise the front of the mower and chop through part of the grass to get it down to something more manageable because grass that tall would have stalled a gas mower. Not this one. The motor automatically kicks up to a little higher speed, though still very quiet. It probably only took the mower a couple of seconds for it to realize that it had a bigger job to do and it sped up to take on the challenge. The mower appears to have more power than my old gas. I am guessing it has to do with the torque of the electric motor. Once it plowed through that it slowed back down again. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. That section of grass probably hadn't been mowed since sometime in October.


I didn't start with a full battery because I wanted to see how far I got on what was left from my initial charge so I got the front done and part of mine and my neighbor's back yard. I saw a battery indicator come on, so I finished the pass I was on and came back. I put the batter on the charger and it took about 45 minutes to charge. When I took the battery off the charger, it was barely even warm. Took it out and finished the lawn. I am thoroughly impressed with how quiet it is, how much power it seems to have, and how easy it is to use. If this is the future of lawn mowers, count me in. The cut quality is exceptional. Definitely, recommend this mower. The way it folds up and stores vertically is truly a neat feature. Takes up very little floor space. I suspect this one could be hung on a wall too. I have really only mowed a one and a half times, but so far, I am extremely happy with my purchase.


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