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For box ends my whole crew has been using Gear Wrench for years. They work and you can get replacements everywhere but the bigger (>1") sizes have to be ordered one at a time.

I have a set of their open end ratchets I was given as a Christmas gift and they are total junk. Not even sure it is possible to fix the design.

I have the box ends in a tool roll with 3/8" sockets and it all fits in one inside compartment of a 16" tote style bag. I have open ended sockets but rarely ever need to use them. It's like basin wrenches and chain/strap wrenches...Not an every day item but can't get by without it when you need one. The other side has my meters and the pockets carry everytging else. On the outside pockets I have two adjustables for odd sizes and two 14" Crescent brand button style adjustables, on opposite sides for balance. That works for me because I'm rarely doing a lot of piping or conduit work (industrial) other than using what's there but you may have to switch it up. Unlike a lot of electricians a 14" Crescent style pliers is NOT a wrench,. If i did more commercial/resiidential i woukd get 1/2 and 3/4 conduit nut wrenches. The 1/2" socket set, hex keys (hand and socket), and other drills, fittings, conduit and pipe, and plumbers wrenches are kitted in other bags. This is in my main bag that I work out of on every job.

90% of the time I'm using the impact with the adjustable or the open end of the year wrenches. You will lock up the box ends on gear wrenches the first couple times you use the impact and that's just a sign of the damage you're doing. They can't take the shock force. So I just pull the roll and the impact out, oil, the strings, and all my wrenches are laid out neatly beside me. Always put back what you take out and you can stay 100% organized. I hate digging through some guys bag that has all the wrenches in a big tangled pile. Other brands might be better quality but I can buy or swap replacements in almost every store in every town I'm in. If you drop one some place in a wood, chemical, or sewage plant you will instantly appreciate that.

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