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Screwdrivers and nail guns




Another pegboard view. Not a real good pic but yes, there are 20 some pairs of channellock brand pliers, lol




Here are my babies. Proto ASD combos in SAE and metric. Behind most of them there are either Blackhawk or Gearwrench ratcheting combos. Stubbies in several sizes as well. 



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Thanks guys :) I guess I was successful in getting you guys set up to view them. I go through at least twice a year and clean up, remove any rust (there is very rarely any), and give every hand tool I have a coat of Liquid Wrench Silicone spray. Anything that's worn is fixed or replaced. My bi-annual tool maintenance projects usually take 2 or 3 days to complete, but its well worth it. I try to do it before summer and before winter.

Post em up guys. Lets see yours!

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Do you just grind off the rust?

For light rust I usually use a small wire brush. For heavier rust I use a wire wheel attached to my drill press, being as gentle as I can in both cases. For Chrome tools I use Evapo-Rust. It's a liquid you soak them in overnight and works great without scratching it all up. Google Evapo-Rust and check it out. It's a little expensive, but it is reusable.

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Also Conductor does it affect the grips on the tools when you soak them?

No. Evapo-Rust is pretty great stuff. It removes rust without harming the grips or the chrome. I soaked a pair of pliers for 3 days without harm.

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This is how I store my hand tools. The black tactix is my old box and i just got the red task force to expand. I still am missing essential tools, but every tool i get i buy and trying to make money and do school at the same time is hard. They are sitting on an old cabinet that i painted Dewalt black and yellow. Dan, Eric, I have a spot saved for your sticker and if anyone ever wants to sell any of their kobalt tools i am interested. Please comment any ideas or suggestions.


This is the top section which is pretty empty. Got a 1.5 ft level, 25ft kobalt tape, cresent wrenches, box cutter.


Misc drawer: surveyor tape, spanner wrench, rivet gun, staple gun, very old Snap-On slip joints.


Misc screwdriving drawer: Kobalt precisions, junk bits, Skil T-Handle set, Jeggs long slotted and bit driver, Kobalt double drive.


Scraping Drawer: Kobalt scaping blade, Kobalt nail set, old chisel, gasket scraper, junk screw drivers for pounding.


Screwdriving Drawer: All Jeggs high performance assorted sizes slotted, phillips, square, torx, precision, picks.


My pride and joy gripping cutting drawer: Kobalt locking pliers/ vise grips, Kobalt magnum grips, kobalt tounge and groove, kobalt linesman, kobalt slip joint, kobalt needle nose, kobalt side cutters.


Pounding Drawer: Old ridgid pipe wrench, kobalt hammers, kobalt mini hack saw, small pry bar.


Dont have to many sockets yet but this is a sae and metric 3/8 and 1/4 drive set along with nut drivers




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Can't see you're pics Chase, but it may be because I'm on my mobile. I've been buying tools for 15 years and still buy something every payday. If I live to be 100 I'll still be buying tools. Once you get all your basics bought you can start buying vintage tools, lol. Old Plomb, Proto, Blackhawk, and New Britain are what I like.

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