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Commercial Honda Engine Updates?


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Does anyone know if Honda will be updating their commercial engine for their push mowers? I was almost for sure I seen somewhere that someone talked about Honda updating the engines with a slightly more powerful engine. I can't for the life of me remember where I saw/heard this info. I have been offered around 20 lawns to mow and will want to invest in a good commercial push mower (the rider is taken care of hopefully). I was looking at my options.  I have used Toro commercial push mowers and they come in 3 engine options. a Toro, a Kawasaki, and a Honda. The Kawasaki has more power than the Honda but from what I have heard the Honda is over engineered to last and be reliable. I might venture away from Toro and get the Honda. Either way both brands use the same Honda gxv160 engine. I thought I heard the new engine was going to be a gxv200 but I can't find any info on a 200 model. I found a gx 200 model but that is not the same engine far as I know and it is not available on push mowers.

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Does anyone know whether a Genuine Honda GXV200 engine will fit in place of the existing GXV160 on my lawnmower? Does it have the same bolt pattern to attach it to the chassis and same length P.T.O shaft to replace the smaller GXV160 engine.?The only country that sells them to the best of my knowledge is India and I’m in Australia.After having a 6.5Hp GSV190 OHC/OHV semi commercial engine on my Honda Buffalo bull , it would be great to have the grunt but in a truly fully commercial engine without the camshaft belt that runs in oil.

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