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Battery release buttons


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Just wondering if anyone else prefers the metabo design of having the battery release on the tool as opposed to on the battery? I've only just realised how much more I prefer this for ease of use when disconnecting the battery from the tool. 


What other brands share this feature? Nothing else I own does?


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For a time I did prefer it over the others. It feels more durable. Metabo was the first cordless brand I owned so perhaps I just got used to it. I still like it but I find it hard to decide which is my favourite style between Makita and Metabo. 


I slightly prefer the single front button on 20V/18V Dewalt, Bosch, and Makita over the Milwaukee and Hitachi/Hikoki side buttons. 

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I have no experience with metabo but any tool review I've ever seen it looks like its somewhat awkward.  I'm sure like anything you get used to it and they're probably just used to the button being on the battery. 


One thing I would say about other batteries though, is while a single button might be easier to take off when you want to, I find that they are easier to come off when you don't want them to as well.  The dewalt seems real prone to falling off the high torque impact and sawzall.  I also find with my bosch  its like they have two catches on the tool and they don't always fully latch on the second catch and I'll start using it and once it vibrates you loose connection.  

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I find the awkwardness with the Metabo release comes from the need to always use 2 hands to get the battery off (one for the the button, the other to slide the battery). Maybe there's people that can do it with 1 hand, but every other style can definitely be done with 1 hand.

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