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DCD996 - Type1 & Type 10 differences


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Hello and hope there is a simple answer.


I have 2 DCD996 drills - however one is type 1 and the other type 10. Looking at the MyDewalt site (UK) I can see no differences between the two. Well, I say that, there are 2 tech specs listed but not showing the same specs... the type 1 shows a 830w output and the type 10 shows a 820w output, yet the specs in their respective manuals show identical.


These drills were purchased independently: the type 10 was purchased in the impact driver (887) kit and the type 1 purchased in the kit with the FlexVolt circular saw (kit DCK2056T2T)


I can see no differences


Any ideas?




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A quick Google search on the subject pulls up a number of similar questions on this very site (not sure if Google results are skewed by the fact I'm a daily visitor).  One such thread is here: 

The consensus is that the types are based on minor internal differences, though a thread on the DW715 miter saw a few years ago reveals that the Type 3 removed the ability to add the LED light and some believe that later types might indicated cost cutting features to meet price points.  If the latter is true, I could see the saw-bundled DCD996 cutting a few corners to save a few dollars.

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Something you might want to do is pull up the illustrated parts breakdowns to see if the motors or any closely related parts are the same part number. They can usually be found online. See if they even show different parts lists for type 1 and type 10. If the bundled tool has some economies or one supersedes the other, there may only be one parts list. I doubt if the small change in wattage would be noticable but I can relate to your curiosity

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