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Will a paddle mixer mix dry mortar?


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Looking at getting a paddle mixer to mix dry mortar. I have a cement mixer but was looking for something good for small jobs. The mix is usually very dry (6 sand - 1 cement with no slump) 


Has anyone had any experience mixing dry mixes with a hand held paddle mixer? I have seen a 'bucket mortar mixer' online which looks like a small auger bit but it only suits a chick style drill, I was hoping to use a paddle mixer with an m14 thread. Any info/experience would be appreciated.

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The auger style mixer has been working very well for my mortar projects.


This has been used for many, many dozens of mortar bags, mixed in a 5 gallon bucket, half-full (or half-empty, depending on your perspective).


A corded hand drill grabs this auger mixer rod in the keyed chuck.


The auger does a nice job of creating a suction, to draw from the sides and from below to get a great mix.


A paddle mixer might also be effective, but it is going to be a much greater torque load on the tool and on the operator. A paddle mixer works great in paint and other liquids. It wouldn't be my first choice for mortar.

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Any dedicated paddle mixer will handle what you are needing to mix. Some good options for cordless are the flexvolt (not sure if released yet) and m18 mixers.  Festool has a good corded option. There are other corded options but they haven't seen an update in ages.

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Hey, Paul. I see you received a number of great answers here. I’m new on this site, so I thought to contribute some answers, even to old threads like this one. For small mixing jobs, you’re right to look for a handheld mixer. Have you considered a 3-Blade Mixing Paddle? It’s great for mortar and other dry mixes.

I have a blog about different types of mixers that you might also want to refer to. In that blog, I talked about handheld mixers, mixing paddles, automatic mixers, and other mixing tools like buckets, dollies, etc. Hope you find it useful!


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