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Cordless 9" grinder


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I picked up one of these yesterday and was wondering if anyone can share what backing plate they received? There only seems to be a small backing flange plate? Unless I dropped it or put it aside and didn't realise but I cant seem to find it anywhere? Also curious as to why they don't supply front and back flanges like traditional 9" grinder and even my metabo cordless 9" came with 3 types of flanges to use on all wheels. 

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I definitely don't have that! I must have misplaced it, all I have is a small flange about the size of the nut. My Metabo flanges do not fit either, they are about 0.5mm too small on the groove. Does anyone know where I could purchase a flange from? I've had a look online for the part number, found one part number but can't find the part when I search for it? I've contacted Milwaukee and haven't had a reply yet either.


I did use it briefly however and I was surprised with the way it ran. Initially, I purchased the Metabo over this as the Metabo has a more powerful motor and you can definitely feel it both free spinning and under load. The brake on the Metabo is much faster with a grinding disk. It is almost non existent on the Milwaukee when you have a grinding disk installed. Quality wise, the Metabo feels like a much higher quality tool, even when running it, it just feels like the quality is there. It feels much more solid, is heavier (especially with the two batteries at the rear) and there seems to be a lot more metal parts on the Metabo.


The rotating handle on the Metabo is a feature that is really lacking on the Milwaukee, as is the three position handle (Milwaukee has no top mount). The trigger on the Metabo is really neat, firm and large. The Milwaukee trigger is smaller and very flimsy. It moves side to side at least 3-5mm when depressed. The quick nut on the Milwaukee has a flimsy handle, similar to a kanga one I bought for the flexvolt 5". I put my Metabo 5" quick nut on my 9" grinder and the nut is much more solid than the Milwaukee. 


For cutting vertically, the Dewalt (although not as powerful as the Metabo) is a gem to use with the 9ah batteries. I almost don't cut anything with the Metabo anymore. For grinding, the Dewalt obviously can't be used and the Metabo is definitely like a top model corded 9" Metabo grinder. The Milwaukee is a lot lighter and will be good (handy) for small jobs (I only really bought it for the 12ah battery). I think the best way to describe the Metabo, is a cordless powered corded Metabo quality grinder, and the Milwaukee feels exactly like the flexvolt 54v grinder only bigger. I was very surprised at the power in the 5" flexvolt grinder as I am impressed with the power of the Milwaukee 9" with 18V. Grinding on both the Metabo and Milwaukee is really only for tiny jobs. The batteries get chewed up so quickly that any review which states that the batteries lasted the whole shift are a load of shit. The runtime on the Metabo is better than the Milwaukee (2 x 7.0LiHD vs 1 x 12AH). With 2 x 8.0LiHD it will be a lot better.


Hard to see the height differences in the photos but the Metabo is slightly thinner at the head. Length wise they are almost the same and the Metabo is obviously heavier at the rear with the twin batteries, knuckle guard and metal spark guard.

The case of the Milwaukee is huge!  I think it's unnecessarily large as the Metabo case holds more and is smaller but the Milwaukee case handle doesn't crush your fingers like the Metabo case does.


Hopefully this info will help someone decide what cordless 9" tool will work best for them!








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Thanks Framer Joe (not sure how you tag usernames) just wish the runtimes were better when grinding. You can do a lot of cuts on either of the 3, but grinding on the two chews batteries quicker than any other cordless tool I've ever owned. I ended up filing the center of the flanges from my old 9" corded metabo to suit the milwaukee and it works fine. Lost the quick nut but using the key isnt really that bad. I don't trust using 1.9mm wheels without a large flange. If you use a 1.9mm wheel on the dewalt which has the small flanges, at full revs the blade warps but I always use quality brand blades so I tend not to worry if they rip apart.

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