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Battery Lines


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One of the things that bugs me about Ryobi is their number of battery lines.  They seem to currently be supporting three different battery types with the lithium ion, the lithium+, and the newer lithium+ HP.  Within each are several different ah options.  The issue I have is a lot of these batteries seem to overlap and they seem to currently be missing some options.


For example in the new lithium+ HP line they have a 3, 4, 6, and 9 ah options.  Were the 3 and 4 both really needed?  Meanwhile there is nothing under a 3 ah currently available.  I would have liked to of seen a slimmer 2 ah version for those tools that don't draw a ton of power. That would have been a nice, lighter wight option.  So instead of the 3 maybe have a 2 ah hour option to compliment the 4, 6, and 9?


Not only that, I could see having the different battery lines if there was a dramatic price difference.  Make the lithium ion dirt cheap and without the battery indicator or extra power for people who aren't going to invest heavily in Ryobi tools, or don't care about the extras.  Make the lithium+ as a mid level line, and then have the HP be the top tier.  Instead all the batteries are pretty close in price.  Why would I ever buy the 2 pack of lithium 4 ah batteries currently being sold for $100 when I can pay the exact same for the lithium+ HP?


What they should have is something like the below (standard MSRP before sales/deals):


Lithium Ion 1.3 ah - $30

Lithium Ion 2 ah - $40

Lithium Ion 4 ah - $50


Lithium+ 1.5 ah - $40

Lithium+ 3 ah - $50

Lithium+ 5 ah -  $60


Lithium+ HP 2 ah - $50

Lithium+ HP 4 ah - $60

Lithium+ HP 6 ah - $70

Lithium+ HP 9 ah - $80


This way the difference between the weakest lithium ion and hp is $20.  If you want to spend $50 you could get the lithium 4 ah, the more powerful but lower ah lithium+, or the most powerful HP but it would have half the ah.  Really though, I don't even think the lithium line should be supported anymore.  It seems they are getting away from the lithium+ instead (only the 4 ah seems to be readily available right now).  I would much rather see the lithium discontinued since they aren't that great to begin with, especially in the newer HP tools.  Then have the lithium+ be the cheaper, lower powered option and the hp be the higher, more powerful batteries. 

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They are definitely in major flux recently and have super-saturated their battery lineup to the point where it’s just too much. I think their plan is to just throw it all out there and let the market decide what it likes most rather than waste too much time trying to predict where everything is going. I’m glad I don’t have to look at it anymore, I just have a 4Ah, and a pair each of 6Ah and 9Ah. For the most part this is already more than I need because Ryobi for me is a secondary platform.

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