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Modified hole hawg


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This might sound crazy but hear me out and give me your opinion .   Do you think that Milwaukee would be able to open up a m18 hole hawg and swap out the gears it it with a different ratio to give it more torque?   From my understanding the only difference between the super hawg and hole hog are that the super hawg has a low and hi gear.  They use the same motor from my understanding.  So do you think Milwaukee could remove the gears from the hole hawg and install gears with the same ratio as the super hawgs low gear?

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Could it be done - doubtful but possible maybe.  The whole head of the super hawg is much larger, even if the motor is the same.   It has a two speed gearbox and a mechanical clutch, so I very much doubt there are simple parts that could be swapped out.


Would they - Nope.  There's no reason for them to.  They put a clutch into the superhawg specifically to prevent broken arms from bind ups.  Jury rigging a tool to produce the torque without the safety features is something that no company is going to endorse.



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