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emergency generator for my home.


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 I am looking to buy and install a generator this year. I need one that will power my 220 vt well pump and the furness fan, also 110 vt frig and microwave 900watt.  I hear that I may need to use an inverter for the TV and the Computer, however these inverters  are very expensive for that size unit. I have seen other inverters that are used with solar pannels and batteries. Can one of these be used along with the generator to clean up the 110 circuits? I need someones insight so I don't make expensive mistakes.

thanks,  Fred


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Welcome to the forum.


My portable 5,550W generator usage, plus my built into my boat 7kW generator has all been fine running all loads, including TV, electronics, microwave, computer, vacuum cleaner, everything.


Yes, it is correct that visual observation of the sine wave voltage created by the generator, or measurement of the distortion from the generator are less "clean" than street power, but all modern devices handle that power without issues.


Many generators will permit output wiring selection to power 120VAC and / or 240VAC devices.


For a home application, one of the biggest considerations is the transfer switch. Is MUST be fully compliant with all regulations and must be safely / correctly implemented. A licensed electrician is required when working on live-to-the-street wires. Don't cut corners and don't get electrocuted!

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I can tell you where to go to get a deal on a generator, every skilled nursing facility I have ever worked in had a perfectly good running onan generator and transfer switch just sitting there left over from generator upgrades. I have sold a few generators to people who have asked just call places and talk to the maintenance super

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There isn't such a thing as "over cautious" wrt generator usage, especially when combined w/ home wiring.


The potential bad results are: death; personal injury, including electrocution and burns; fire; CO poisoning and property damage.


Every single requirement must be satisfied!


If there is a loss, then the insurance company will deploy a team of experts to inspect, photograph and analyze every detail in an attempt to point the blame at you.


If you are not 110% qualified, then hire / pay an expert. Get a contract, get references, don't cut corners.


My portable home generator is a new Troy Built 5,550W portable unit. My boat has a 7kW Westerbeke. Both are gasoline units. Both are great generators.


It sounds like you need a built-in unit, so neither of these are appropriate.


Get a name-brand unit installed by a reputable company. Implement a maintenance plan, like running for an hour a week, exercising the transfer switch once a month, whatever they recommend. 


Stale fuel will be the biggest issue. My assumption is that diesel will be selected. Diesel is susceptible to algae, microbes and water contamination. One solution is to cycle the fuel storage through a vehicle, then replenish the storage with fresh. So a diesel truck would be handy as your personal vehicle.


Good luck w/ your project. Please keep us up-to-date on the progress.

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I think you need to get a bigger generator. I use a 12000-watt generator as a power backup for my house and I'm very pleased with it. Especially during the power outages this genny is irreplaceable. Also, it's dual fuel which gives you more convenience during your works. I use it to power my tile saw, air compressor and the other stuff like that.

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An inverter is useful in converting the battery power from solar panels while a charge controller protects the batteries and panel from overheating. There is nothing frustrating like experiencing a power outage when you need it most. I know this because I have had several power interruptions just when I was watching my favorite television program or running home appliances. So I am contemplating installing solar panels and inverters on my home by myself.


Heizen, nowadays, when I've got few 100 watt 12 volt flexible monocrystalline solar panels - I can say for sure, that it's one of the best investments I've done for my house and my shed.

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