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New universal dust extractor (DWH161)


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30 minutes ago, Jronman said:

Will be interesting to see the power ratings.

^ this.  The fact that it's 20v and only $249 vs. the Flexvolt's $349 makes me think it'll be lower powered and / or not have auto filters cleaning.  Then again the Flexvolt is a beast of a DC that has more CFM that some corded models (The new Makita hybrid only does 125 when plugged in I believe.)

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6 hours ago, Big Adam said:


That's only 12 cu inches. The product details sheet says it has 45% more capacity than the DWH302DH, which looks like it's the same dust box that's on the DWH161b.  Either way, this looks like a very small, portable vacuum D/E for point of use and not a big, haul around tool.



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On 2/4/2019 at 4:03 PM, The.Handyman said:

Where did you get the CFM rating from. I spoke directly to the product manage who said that spec wasn't going to be available until closer to release as they tweak the product.

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One of the younger Dewalt’s rep gave me that information. He asked someone else. Also was told it was only for overhead and vertical drilling 

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