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Best bang for your buck commercial grade pressure washer????


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Looking to get a pressure washer for medium commercial use. Less than 10 hours a week total run time .

This washer will be used for sidewalks, driveways, siding, wood decks etc. 


What are my minimum requirements in regards to max  PS and gallons per minute for this type of work? I used to do this type of work many years ago, but I was a kid and never paid attention to the numbers. I generally don't put much value into the commercial and residential labeling of power tools because I find that they're often BS. I've purchased commercial grade stuff that didn't last 6 months, and I've also purchased residential grade stuff that I've used for years on almost a daily basis. 


I tend to like Dewalt power tools, and the models I've looked at also have Honda motors which I'm a fan of. Dewalt's ratings seem good on their power washers, but I've always found that their are a few particular brands and models that people gravitate toward in every industry good reason. What is that brand and model for a decent medium use powerwasher? 





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Welcome to the forum.


My North Star pressure washer has been an outstanding tool for over a dozen years..


Mine has the Cat Pumps 66DX35G11 3.5gpm 4,000psi pump and the Honda GX390 13hp engine.


The Cat Pumps 7632 rotating nozzle is my go-to choice for surface cleaning. I keep an aerosol can of WD-40 w/ straw nozzle handy in-case the nozzle decides to not rotate.


The only "issue" is that my projects frequently require two full (1.7 gallons) tanks of fuel, requiring stopping to refill.


The system is provided with a Mi-T-M 22-0005 thermal relief valve that will open / leak for pump protection if extended full throttle operation w/o water flow causes the pump water temperature to rise, requiring valve replacement.


On mine, the cart wheel hubs failed, requiring replacement, a butt pain because only the OEM parts would fit. The cost was not horrible. Now it again rolls normally.


This was recently used on an unusual project. My seawall had oysters attached below the waterline. I had been unable to scrape these off using mechanical tools. The pressure washer blasted the seawall clean, both above and below the waterline. (Boy was I a very dirty mess afterwards). 


Both the engine and the pump get regular oil changes using the recommended fluids.


Note, always wear eye protection.

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