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Tools you’d love to see but probably won’t


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1. 20v 23ga. pin nailer (surprised Im the only one so far)

2. Upgrade the the concrete vibe to Flexvolt with more power and interchangeable whips 4' & 8-10' 

3.  Upgrade the current drywall screw gun to push to drive (like the makita were it isnt actually on until pushed)

4. Upgrade the drywall cut out tool so the main bearing isnt always burning up or make it at least easy to replace.

5. Cordless stick vac (like a dyson but with dewalt battery) no junk please make it good enough to compete with dyson

6. I like the 20v T50 staple gun gun idea too

7. Cordless dry wall saw like the makita

8. better accessories for cordless router (tilt base to be specific)

Thats all off the top of my head.   

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