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DC18RC charger - repair/replace? (Water damage?)


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Hi everyone, 


I use my Makita Impact Driver/Drill combo set to build sets for theatrical productions. My DC18RC charger stopped working and I’m trying to figure out what to do. I had it in my tool kit and with my coffee thermos, and the thermos leaked, and I think it maybe got water damage. Not sure because the leakage was pretty contained, but the charger hasn’t worked since the leak happened in my toolkit, so Occam’s razor says water damage. I plugged the charger into the wall outlet a couple hours after the leak occurred and The light on the charger did not turn on. 


I’ve plugged the charger into multiple different working outlets on different days, and the light never turns on when I plug it in. I am not an electrician but do like doing some hobby level electronics. I opened the case of the charger and didn’t see anything blatantly wrong with it to my untrained eyes. Any suggestions on if this could be fixable, if it is water damage, and how I would do that? I see a lot of warnings regarding chargers, so I don’t really wanna risk doing a bad repair job and starting a fire. But I’d love to save it if possible! Thank you!




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Welcome to the forum.


A visual inspection reveals intact parts.


Try removing the circuit board and also providing an image of the bottom of the circuit board, the solder side of the circuit board.


If this were mine, my first step would be to use my multimeter and measure the fuse, using Ohms and verifying that the fuse has a low resistance, under 5 Ohms.

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