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Multivolt reciprocating saw is a smooth beast


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Over the weekend I finally had an opportunity to give my new Hikoki multivolt reciprocating saw a thorough use. 


I'll start with the dislikes. At first the overload protection kept kicking in as soon as the blade contacted the wood. I couldn't make a cut until after about 10 attempts. I might have a faulty saw, but over time the issue disappeared. Secondly, the switch to turn on orbital mode is almost impossible with gloves. 


Other than the above, this is an absolutely amazing saw! Tons of power with 36V, but the vibration control has to be the best part; super, super smooth. I was totally surprised at how little vibration there is. One handed work is easy because of how smooth it is (if you can tolerate the extra weight of course). 


Runtime was very good with a 2.5ah battery. I have yet to use the bigger cell 5ah battery. 


If you can, I recommend trying this saw. You'll be blown away at how smooth it is. I can't wait for the comparison videos to finally start showing up.

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Interesting feedback. Always interesting how new electronics can sometimes be wonky that way. A lot of people will argue endlessly that stuff like that doesn’t exist but you can’t argue with it when you’re watching it happen right in front of you.

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16 minutes ago, ToolBane said:

Always interesting how new electronics can sometimes be wonky that way.


Totally agree. Just now I used the saw with a full battery again. Not a single overload. It was just those first 10 minutes of it's life. I thought it might have something to do with having a freshly charged battery (i.e. 40V peak) but I couldn't replicate it. 


Strange, but good it's not happening any more. 

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