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Gus Zernial


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I have a dewalt dcd997 20v hammer drill, and the chuck is stuck at full open position. Common tricks to tap with hammer etc. have

failed. I need to know what parts I need to repair/replace (chuck only? gearcase assembly? although chucks are normally removable,

after searching on web  I'm unclear if the chuck) is easily removable on this model) ..... and instructions or video how to replace what's

needed. Repair instructions are notably absent on Dewalt's website(s), and reaching a tech has proved impossible.


Thx, Gus




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First question would be is it still under warranty?  It should be covered for 1 year pretty much no questions asked and I didn't think the 997 has hardly been out for a year. 


But to take the chuck off there is a left hand screw down inside the chuck that has to be removed and then the chuck has right hand threads to turn the chuck off.  The chucks are usually pretty tight and there are a few techniques for taking them off but most require being able to lock a large Allen wrench in the chuck and you can't do that if yours is stuck.


Also I know you said you've tried some different tricks but when i've had drill bits stuck in chucks I can usually get them to release by putting a vise-grip on the chuck and then bumping the trigger.  Obviously this method won't work if there's actually something broke inside the chuck but it was just another idea for you.

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