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The Tools in Action way of Getting Things Done?


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That Raven post taught me that there are lot of fucking people interested in lawn mower reviews. I think some of these people buy a new mower every 3 years. When I buy a mower that son of a bitch is mowing until the motor falls off, and even then it may continue service if I have the mechanical skills to re-attach it. I'll rebuild carburetors, replace bearings, whatever it takes to keep it mowing. When I buy a mower I buy one from a by gone era when shit was made to last. I own 3 mowers and a tractor and all of them older than Chase( :) ) I have a 1962 Cub Cadet Original (work in progress), a 1967 Cub Lo-Boy Tractor (same thing as a Farmall Cub), a 1998 model Troy-Bilt push mower, and a 2009 Cub Cadet push mower my dad gave me because he didn't need it anymore. For the price of a new MTD built piece of shit, you can buy an International Harvester built Cub, completely restore it, and it with proper maintenance and care it will outlive all of us (except maybe Chase). I know I'm in the minority of American's that care about things like that, but I like old shit, I like to work on old shit, and the IH built Cubs were the finest mowers ever built IMHO.


Damn, I'm on a roll tonight :lol:

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Agree with everything your saying Conductor. And I agree with you DR99. The tool manufactures are doing their job (and doing it well) when you already have a great tool (that can last a lifetime), then somehow you convince yourself this newer one is better.

I love new tools, but I'm slooowly learning the beauty of owning a tool for a long time. You make memories with them.

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Im not on the tractor level yet...haha Im on the 2004 toro front wheel drive push mower.......that only worked for 2 years so now its a full blown push mower....My grandfather is about to get a new mower and he is going to give us his older Craftsman tractor...

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Theres nothing better than a Deere! If its red as rust it will bite the dust!

I'm an IH kinda guy. They aren't around anymore. Deere has went down hill as well. I know 2 people who have new farm tractors that stay in the shop more than the field.

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