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i need your opinions about this new ratchet wrench

luis cabrera

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Hello everyone, I would like to have your opinions on this new tool, I invented it for my personal use two years ago, I call it EZ Fast Ratchet Wrench, now I have just obtained the permanent patent and I want to know if it is worth trying to market it, I personally am very happy with it but I would like to see what other people who are not my friends or family think. Here I leave the link for the video. thank you.


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1. A patent is a license to sue. It costs a couple million per suit. Are you prepared for this? This is irrespective of NDAs etc.
2. How iron clad is your patent? Think of alternative implementations or design improvements. In a former job I was paid to technologically bust patents. It’s very easy with 99% of them. With the 1% like “swipe to unlock” it’s not so easy.
2. Have you done any market research? On the high end you will be constrained by $100 for name brand battery impacts never mind air impacts and you are increasing both manufacturing costs and hopefully margins. If the price point isn’t high enough the idea is worthless from a business point of view.
3. Realistically the next step would be to go to a small tool manufacturer and try to sell royalties. You’re looking at a small piece of already small margins on a specialty and thus small volume market. The goal is of course to eventually sell the patent outright or royalties to SBD. That means look at your marketing. Believe it or not, ideas are actually super cheap. Only a tiny few are marketable. Even fewer still make a lot of money, 99.99% of the time since you have to publish everything in a patent using trade secrets gets you to the market far faster, costs zero to defend, and keeps design details out of the public eye. At a bare minimum I’d say 90% of patents are “fakes”...they patent a very similar but related idea that encompasses the one they want to protect but they publish a bogus embodiment that is not a functioning design. Patents don’t have to be for real devices, just meet the rules.

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This tool has three fundamental advantages over the other ratchets,

The first is its speed, it is able to multiply the rotation speed of the socket making it much faster than the rest of the ratchets, this makes it very useful when we cannot use power tools.

The second is its effectiveness, regular ratchet stops working once the screw loosen and we have to finish unscrewing it by hand, this tool solves this problem and is able to continue working and multiplying the speed until the screw comes out completely without matter how loose the screw is.

The third is its maneuverability, this tool can be used as a right-angle tool and this added to the fact that it does not stop working when the screw is loose and that it multiplies the speed, makes it ideal for working in places of difficult access.


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Welcome to the forum.


Very clever.


The video shows it to be twice as fast as standard tools, but it requires two hands, standard tool only need one.


If going this route, it might be useful to offer a set, the one shown, plus an in line version, in 1/4” and 3/8” drives.


The concern would be strength. There are two axles and meshing gears. There is a housing. All this will be trusted to Americans. How well will this tolerate a pipe slid over the ratchet wrench for extra torque? How well will this tolerate being used as a hammer?

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I stopped watching at about 1:45 into the video. you'll never get my money. For about 90% of the uses you showed I would just use my 1/4 drive cordless impact. When I was a mechanic I would have just used an air ratchet for any engine work.  I'm also sure I could break it pretty quick putting lug nuts on like you show in the video.

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