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Metal saw beat up on delivery from e-service


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Well I sent my m18 fuel metal circular saw 2782-20 in for warranty for the 3rd time and while they fixed it, somewhere along the way it got beat up. 


I have no proof of the condition the shoe was in before I sent it in but I know it wasn't that noticeably bent.  It's probably a FedEx shipping issue but the box had no visible damage when I got it back.  I kind of wonder what my box looked like when e-service received it.  In the end its not that big of a deal because it's not cast or magnesium and I have the ability to straighten it.


Probably my bigger concern is that it's the 3rd time I've sent the saw in to warranty in the last 2 years.  The first time they repaired the gearcase, the second time they replaced the saw with a new one and now they replaced the gear case again.  So far they have honored a warranty claims but it states that the parts are "worn".  I've used metal cutting steel saws pretty extensively over the last 15 years so I'm fairly skilled with it and don't get alot of bind or stall conditions.  Most of my cutting is in 12ga mild sheet steel which the saw seems to be plenty capable of.  Prior to owning the cordless metal circular saws we owned numerous corded models and while they all came to the same demise of the gears failing they usually lasted for 4-5 years.  I'm just concerned that at some point they're going to say I'm abusing the tool and not honor the warranty.  I really wish that either milwaukee or dewalt would come out with a metal circular saw based on thier new high output worm style cordless saws, maybe they would be more durable.

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While it's great that they've been honoring the warranty, it's become a bit of a pain.  I've actually bought a second brushed version of this saw off ebay just as a back up for when I send it in for warranty. But out of curiosity I got looking at the parts list on milwaukees website and they actually updated the gear assembly in sept. 2018 so hopefully I won't have anymore issues.

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