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M18 2691-22


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Hi all, new with real tool.

I just got the m18 kit and did a test on the drill/diver.

I drill 50 3/4 hole on one battery on some 2x4. At my 28 hole the drill just stop. I took off the battery, took of the bit, install the battery and bit back on... the drill was working again, after another 12 hole the drill did the same thing. check the battery and it show 1 bar left. I went ahead and drill some more... got to my 50 hole the drill did the same thing only this thing the light on the battery was blinking on and off. After about 10 min the battery again show 1 bar....



Im not sure if this is a normal drill thing or is something wrong with the drill/battery?

This is my first tool i spent over $100. I own black n decker drill.



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Well, if you're plugging 3/4" holes I'm assuming you were doing it with a spade bit. I say this because auger bits are much more expensive and if you're just now getting into pro level tools, you probably haven't gotten into that yet. It sounds to me like the overload protection kicked in on the 28th hole and again on the 40th. This isn't anything to worry about and is completely normal for a high stress application like a spade bit in 2X's. At hole 50 your battery was cashed. Judging from the fact that it died at 50 I'm going to assume you have the compact battery and if so, 50 holes would be normal as I get in the 80 hole range with my XC's. Get a regular ol' 1/2" twist bit, plug as many holes as you can, and monitor the fuel gauge about every 15 holes to make sure it's properly decreasing with use.

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