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DeWalt 20 volt framing nailer doesn't sink nothing


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if it's the one that uses 30 degree nails they are junk. I haven't tried the newer one that shoots 21 degree yet though. we have tried 3 of the 30 degree framing nailers and everyone one sucks. They will never sink nails properly and they will jam constanly. I hate that I always have to go back to my trusty paslode but it actually works everytime. We still  have 2 of the dewalt framing nailers and everytime I get it out I get frustrated. 

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I heard about this issue on another forum and a Dewalt rep recommended to use at least a 6.0 battery with this nailer. At the time it was sold with a 4.0 battery and there were many complaints like your's. If you're already using it with a 6.0 or larger battery then you probably have another issue. Of not, see if anyone has a larger battery to try before just paying for one, again, in case there's another issue.

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Some nails of the same size may be just enough different between brands that one brand works and the other brand does not. I would say get DeWALT nails if using a DeWALT nailer. You might be able to get away with Bostitch or Porter Cable because same parent company but I wouldn't chance it.

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Dcn692...3 yrs old ? Have 3 used everyday..use paslode paper nails 3 1/2" x .131 hdg( hot dip galv)...2 boxes a week (4000 nails x 52 weeks ) well over 600000 nails shot...no rebuild.

...some guys don't like them I love them. I use them for framing and mostly building decks..pt lumber ..very few nails don't set...I wd40 the tips..

....also use them with paslode 2 3/8" ring shank hdg..for 5/4 x6 pt decking..work great...the Hitachi does drive better but weighs 2lbs more...too heavy.

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I'd like to say that diffrent nail break this gun in diffrent ways.

I saw 20 000-30 000 nails fired - springs and profile need to be changed. I have one nailer with over 50 000 and profile was first time changed (Checked numeber of nails od nailer)

One thing is that i heard - always use full charged battery.

On our market we have a lot of producers of 34 degree nail: Prebena, Paslode, Dewalt, Bostich, Rawlplug and others...

Some diffrences in thikness of nail: thiner 2,8mm - thicker 3,1mm (0,11 inch - 0,12 inch), diffrences in height of ring shank 50% - 90%, diffrent wood-soft/hard material, diffrent pressure on nailer imo create diffrent wear of profile, springs whole nailer

On 9/17/2019 at 4:50 AM, Framer joe said:

..very few nails don't set...I wd40 the tips..

Tips on nail ? The service center says that no lubrication is needed in nailer to work. So i'm curious

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@Przemek(Poland)...no oil on the nails..on the gun tips. It will draw some oil into the driver area which is good...these guns need some oil, don’t care what the book says...still building custom homes 30+ yrs and my deck company...

      I have used the new Milwaukee cordless framer and it is better then the dewalt 692..and like I said the hitachi works awesome, just heavy..plus most of my framing tools are 20v and 60v flexvolt...gotta use good nails ( paslode) but they’re expensive.

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