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Vaughan Stealth Framing Hammer


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With all the projects coming my way I decided to order a new framing hammer. I'd love to have a Stiletto Titanium hammer like Eric has (lucky prick), but I'm not dropping over $200 on a hammer. I considered the Dewalt 15 oz. MIG Hammer, but upon my travels to find the best price on one, I ran across this gem:




Vaughan has a new hammer out called a Stealth. It's a 17 oz. all steel hammer that Vaughan claims to hit like a 32 oz. I'm not sure about some of the claims these manufacturers are making about 1 lb. hammers hitting like 2 pounders, but I'm sure as hell willing to bet it's better for swinging all day. It has a straight claw (a must for me on a framer), a nail starter and puller, and Vaughan claims it has the biggest striking surface available. I opted for the milled face as well. Vaughan has been around forever and the fact that this hammer is 100% USA made and priced at under $30, made it a no brainer for me. I've always been an Estwing guy, so this is my first foray into these new fangled "lightweight" hammers. I'll report back once I get it. Lets hope it lives up to the hype. I must confess though, I opted for the fast shipping option for $2 extra :lol:

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I agree. Get your $2 back. Not right.

So I have a question conductor, How are you going to do all this stuff? With all that you contribute to this forum, your job, traveling from Florida once in a while, and BUILDING a house, and much more. How will you find the time? I need to invent an internet enabled framing hammer, so your hammer will let us know how the work is going. :-)

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