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Rain day fun comparing new grinder with old


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I bought a bosch brushless grinder and it was raining so I thought i would compare it to some of my other grinders to see how it performs.  I pretty much just switched back and forth between grinders cleaning up the welding table so it was nothing more than playing with my toys.  What I found wasn't anything too surprising the new bosch is pretty much right on par with the m18 fuel and the dewalt 20v brushless.  I have to say I give credit to the tools review guys as I'm sure it takes a lot of time and work to push the tools to a point of seeing a difference between them. At the same time I would say its almost splitting hairs between the three "18v"  brushless grinders that I have and I don't really see one being superior to the others.  The ergonomics is one area that could be debated but that is probably more a personal preference thing.  As far as power is concerned the dewalt 60v is still the king of 4.5-5" grinders, it just has the power to keep the rpms up and that's even with the 2/6ah flexvolt battery.  The new m18 2981 is close and a step up from the others but its not the 60v and I personally don't really care for the ergonomics of it as it feels to long.  The old brushed grinders all get a performance bump from having new big high performance batteries but even with them they're still a step down from the brushless grinders with 5.0ah batteries.    



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Yep corded is better for prolonged use and we have a shelf full of them and that's where they stay 99% of the time.  There are definitely people out there that still need corded and 10 years ago I would have said cordless grinders are useless but battery technology has really come a long way and they work for the way we use them.

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