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De Walt light on tripod


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Interesting. The Milwaukee rocket is 3000 lumens depending on generation/model and eats a 5 Ah at full power in 2 hours. Sounds identical. At the lowest setting I can go 8+ hours. Or use the smaller task light at 1500 lumens for 4 hours at full output. Looks like then doing some math 1500/4/5 is about 75 lumens per Ah Milwaukee and 3000/4/9 = 80 lumens/Ah about the same.

The issue I’m finding with the tower lights is they do good on general lighting but not so great focus for task lighting. I do a lot of switchgear electrical so guess what...I work in the dark a lot because the first thing I do is kill power. Was hoping the tower lights gave me great task lighting but I need both.

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I'm an industrial electrician myself, and I've gotten by on setting 1 and 2 with the knowledge that in a dark room "bright is relative." Lol I love the tower light in dark gear and e-houses, and it pairs great with the magnetic personal light inside whatever I'm in, for task specific lighting. Actually planning on picking up another of each in the near future.

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