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Flexvolt VS Ego


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So I have the Flexvolt ginder and Recip saw.

I've been wanting to buy the flexvolt chainsaw and blower, and was about to pull the trigger until I discovered EGO.

Having two different platforms is fine with me if there is sufficient difference in power/runtime. It's not like I can buy an EGO table saw and Impact driver....


Their 580CFM 168MPH blower peaked my interest, as well as their new 18 inch chainsaw.

My question is, does anyone have experience in comparing these 4 tools?

I know with EGO's larger batteries, they probably get more runtime, but I'm mainly concerned with the power.

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I got the Flex grinder and recip. I also have a fair bit of Ego. I got their power head system with a few attachments, the 530 cfm blower, brushed hedge trimmer, and commercial grade string trimmer. The Ego stuff is quite nice. Hard to go wrong with Ego. The Ego has enough power for my uses. I do lawn care for a living.

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I have the FV reciprocating saw, blower and a 20v chainsaw. I use the platform professionally.

I also have the Ego chainsaw. My only Ego tool. I think it’s a small battery. It lasts less than 15 minutes of intermittent cutting. Not impressed.

For power hungry tools, get whatever you have the most batteries for. With over 200 amp hours (at 20v), I could run my Dewalt chainsaw all day long.

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