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Lowes Robbery


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I was pulling into Lowes and I saw a guy walking out the entrance door with a box, I then saw an employee yelling at him, he turn around and she went to check the box, thats when he took off toward the parking lot, I then saw another guy that was in the store go after him, I then drove down the aisle hoping to be able to hit this guy, if i was one second quicker he would have been hit by the Ram's horns and been in jail... he then went towards a car and through the box in the back seat, thats when the other guy caught up to hime and pulled him away from the car, the robber then pushed the other guy I was about to hop out but thats when I saw this guy had a driver already in the car and I was unarmed.....well I was armed with a Dodge Ram which thinking back now I could have done a lot of damage....they pulled away but we got license plate number and pictures of the car..I hope they find the scum bags and throw them in jail..

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I know its hard not wanting to help, but it's best not to get involved with any robbery/theft situation unless you see that some one is under a direct threat. I know the laws in Florida are pro self defence the risk of a lawsuit from Lowes if an employee was injured to the guys doing the robbery or some one who decides to sure for some crazy reason. I know these people cost us higher prices in the store at one Lowes by me a lady was offering to buy my stuff on a gift card she had I really wasn't buying just looking but I told the manager this woman was bothering people at the door asking to do this he said its a pretty common scam they swipe an item and then return it for store credit and then try to get a cash deal from some on else.

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Hmm I dunno about hitting him with your car what exactly does that do for you? You can block him in if possible so they can catch him.


I see theft going on a lot at Home Depot. Seen a guy walk right out the store with a $300 Dewalt drill of course he took it out the box and exited through the contractor entrance.

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