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Out with the New - Flexvolt and Veritas Items


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I buy stuff and then never get around to using it. I need to get rid of some of this stuff to make room and funds for something new. All items include USPS shipping from Queenstown, MD.


  • Flexvolt Grinder, DCG414B - $130 -sold
  • Flexvolt Grinder, DCG414B - $130 - Sold pending funds
  • Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane w/ PM-V11 blade - $190 - Sold
  • Veritas Low Angle Jack Plane w PM-V11 blade - $225 - Sold
  • 4x Bessey BPC-H12 1/2" Pipe Clamps - $60 for the set.


If someone wants everything I'll do $675 shipped USPS.


None of these items have been used. With the exception of the grinders everything is in its original box. The grinders will each ship with all accessories except the Dewalt bags.


Photos Below


Please note that the shoulder plane has some black marks on one side, I believe this is from when they did the center fill area. I did not notice it when I bought it, but also did not remove the plane from the box when it arrived or I would have requested a replacement. I'm sure those more knowledgeable than I know of a way to remove it, but I didn't want to risk damaging it just to clean it up to sell. It is also possible that it is ink from the manual.




























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