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Dewalt 20v/60v circular saws


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Hell every one, thanks To all of you for continuing to share your experiences and knowledge.

For some time now I’ve been using the dewalt circular saws, I’d say I’ve  owned 7-8 of them. I currently own 4, two flex and 2 20v. The reason I’ve had to keep buying them is the bed plate is always working it’s way out of square to the blade. 

I’m framing with them and I usually have at least one other guy with me sharing my tools. 
I try to be gentle, but they never seem to last longer than 6 months with a true bed plate... 

ive had 20 year old makita saws that have been beat up huge, but this has never been a noticeable issue with those saws.

To my questions! does everyone else have these issues and  does anyone have a relatively easy fix or suggestion for this issue? 


ive asked people and searched online far and wide but no one seems to be talking about this issue. The service guys at dewalt don’t think it’s a big issue. Sometimes they will fix it under warranty if I have the receipt of within a year by replacing the whole base, bevel and all.   The guaranteed repair is $140, And a tool only saw last time was $150. 

looking forward to you feed back 

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@Cameron which saws go out of square? or maybe they all do? How have the Flexvolt done? I know instead of the steel the 20v saws use, the flexvolt use magnesium. Maybe it would keep square better? Have you had experience with both the 575 and the 577? Is there any means to square up the bed plate on any of the saws?

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I need the answer to this as well. There must be a way to adjust the base plate so it’s running parallel to the blade and adjusted to the cut markings/measurements on the front of the shoe

IDK if there is an adjustment other than shimming or bending the bracket. (20v)

I have one that doesn’t cut quite true, so it is a dedicated demo saw for me.

My tried and true saw gave up the smoke, so they replaced it. It seems to cut true.

One answer may be to sell (or donate or toss) the old saw and buy a new one.

People looking to buy used tools for less than $100 aren’t generally that picky or astute.

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I have recently had the same issue with my saws, I found 2 ways to correct it. 

it seems to be as though the connection on the back end of the saw could be better and either bends up or just has to much movement in it and it’s not as much it can’t go back square as it just can’t when the bench is flat down because it hits the back end of the motors/body and then won’t go any further. So a simple fix is to realease the bench lower set to 0 and then bring bench back up. Usually it’ll stay in spot till you adjust bench and angle at the same time.


the other fix is to put a thin washer in between the bench plate and the angle adjustment housing to help drop the front just enough that it clears that back part. Worked a treat.


hope that helps 👍🏻

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My DCS575 has the alignment problem. The blade is not parallel to the long edges of the base plate.

I tried loosening the screws on the base and punching the plate to alignment but there is not enough movement. I am about to slightly enlarge the screw holes through the base to see if I can move it enough to run parallel.

it is a good saw otherwise but I hate when I run it against a square to make accurate 90degree cuts and it is out a lot.  

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Has anyone figured out a solution? I can’t find anything out on other forums.   
My 20v saw is basically brand new and there is a ton of play in the pivots or angle of the base/shoe when locked in.   Even cuts though 3/4”boards a bevel is obviously noticed especially when putting slight pressure against a square edge.  The cut is straight but with an angled bevel.    
Frustrating even for rough framing

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It seems this is an issue with DeWALT circular saws, I would like to know if some get the same issue with Makita or Milwaukee ones?!!! If not then it might be a problem made on purpose to make us keep buying new ones regularly... I need to come to a conclusion about this!


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