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Black Friday tools list??


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I’m really debating on getting the husky mobile tool bench 

Look at the Harbor Freight Generals too.

I have another bench/chest in the garage. If you are working on flat concrete in a limited area and have room to work around it great. All the shop guys at my work have every brand out there but they aren’t really mobile. They are always parked except when somebody changed jobs. At Firestone they use them a lot but it’s all flat concrete and they modified them to hook up to a Cushman cart,

Useless for me. I’m a mobile tech. I have a Keter folding work table and it’s very handy. If I went that route today I’d get the Dewalt (lighter). But I’ve moved on. I just use a cheap Metaltech mini folding scaffold. It’s about the same price. It’s a scaffold so if I need a short “ladder” I’m technically not standing on a table. It can be a bench seat with a table. It has more bench space than a table and is just as sturdy as a folding table. It adjusts up and down. But the point that seals the deal for me is wheels. Unlike folding tables I can load it up with all my tools and wheel it in to most plants.

The third option is a Rubbermaid cart. They hold a lot of stuff but they take up a huge amount of van/truck space. No adjustment and the 2” lip makes it an awkward table. Very popular with a lot of mechanics but doesn’t cut it for me

Another option is the Olympia folding table. Works really good and I like it overall but three issues. Very small wheels get stuck on everything. 150 lb. weight limit, and the folding bars get in the way of using the shelves.

Another runner up is the fold n go. Basically it’s the Olympia table done right. But they sell to military and it’s priced accordingly which means 400% markup. Out of my budget.

Don’t forget the Dewalt Toughsystem especially with the hezz as by duty hand truck. The top box becomes a table and your tool boxes are essentially a drawer system. Just take the drawers you need for each job.

Ultimately I’d love the Dewalt or Keter with wheels but no such animal,
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