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Powerful and reliable drill is needed!


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Hi everyone,


I'm asking for your help. My husband is a skilled tradesmen but he uses a very old drill. Bosch is the brand. It has 2 replaceable batteries but they discharge almost immediately. Also, it is not powerful enough. At this stage, he needs a drill that can handle concrete and tile, be super powerful and reliable. I'm sure he knows what he'd like to buy but I want a surprise for his birthday so I can't ask him. :) I asked his friend who is a gas boilers installer and he advised me two brands Makita and Hilti (says this is the best one). But anyway I don't know the specific model. Can you please advise me several good drill models worth to buy up to 300€? 


Thanks in advance!

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Does he ever sound like he has a strong preference for anything? If he likes Bosch, that certainly isn’t a bad drill. Makita and Hilti are both good too. Thing about cordless power tools, most people will want to avoid the clutter of too many different brands, as they all have their own batteries and chargers that are not compatible. So buying him a new cordless drill could in some ways be tying him to a platform.

Does he already have any newer cordless tools that use modern lithium batteries? If so you may simply want to stay within that platform. If no, try to go with a brand you know he already likes, or bare minimum avoid any brands he has any express distaste for. The Hilti has one drawback in that they are expensive, and he may not want to feel pre-committed to staying on that platform if he needs to buy additional tools. The Makita is pretty solid. Bosch as well. When it comes to drills, stay above the cheap stuff and you really don’t have to be too picky about brands these days. So you may effectively be shopping more between battery platforms, which understandably may be more involved than what you were planning for.

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