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2767-20 1/2” High Torque Impact Anvil


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I've never tried but from looking at pictures I'm guessing it would work.  The 2767 hog ring model and 2766 pin detent model actually have a different nose cone.  The hog ring anvil can take more torque because it doesn't have a hole in it so keep that in mind at $50-$60 the pin anvil may be more likely to break on the 2767 impact.


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The part number for the pin detent anvil from the 2766-20 impact is 42-06-2770.  It can be found on ebay typically from $50-60 but I actually just looked and there is one for $30 right now. 


I'm only assuming this works because the 2767-20 and 2766-20 are both the 2nd gen high torque impact and from the anvil pictures I posted above they look as though the anvils would be interchangeable but I don't know that for certain.  When they released the 2nd gen high torque impacts they said that the pin detent anvil couldn't handle the 1400ft/lbs of nut busting torque that the 2767-20 model has because of the hole in the anvil so the 2766-20 pin detent model only has 1100ft/lbs of nut busting torque.  I would guess that's only an issue in extreme conditions but just something to keep in mind.

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