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Dewalt 20v Nail Gun Wont Shoot


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My 20v cordless gun has worked great since I bought it, but now it wont shoot.  The fan comes on when you press the tip down, then just makes a click or pop noise when you pull the trigger.  I have checked for any debris or jams and nothing.  I took the rear cover off and the springs seem to be just fine as well.  Any thoughts or ideas?  

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Plug your air Compressor back in and go back to Air nailers is what I did. I have both a framer and a 16G and they are dust collectors because they are unreliable. Sorry but I love dewalt but am not a fan of Dewalt 20v nailguns.

There are others on here who love them and use them every day.


On a real note that them to Dewalt Service Center and have them fixed if they aren’t working properly 

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Yeah I have the 18ga brad nailer and it’s doing the same thing. But mine just ramps up but does nothing when I pull the trigger.  I’ve looked at everything on the gun and nothing appears out of place.  This happens every once in a while but it starts working again after I take the battery out and let it sit, but not this time...

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At first read and try again, hope it will be helped...


The DeWalt 20V be very successful Framing Nailer performed well stylish my tests. While I'm content stylish to territory, present are a only some considerations to might limit who the most excellent end-user is used for it. Credence is individual of the biggest considerations at this juncture. On 9.1 pounds, the DCN692 is heavier than mainly framing nailers on the souk.


Jam Clearing

Jam reimbursement requires you to slacken three screws; two on the nose and a third on the foundation. This completely releases the magazine and the jam can happen empty. Additionally, if you’ve mired the motor nailing into hardwoods, present is a stall issue level on the top to willpower allow the drive cycle to reset. This disables the tool though, and you’ll need to issue and reinsert the battery to reset it. Stylish the reason of a jam or else stall, an indicator light willpower light up on the back of the tool subsequently to a battery indicator.


**Now, hope will be shoot

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My Dewalt 30° cordless framer jams up sometimes, if the lever on top doesn't retract the firing pin I'll give the gun a good shake and it retracts. If you take gun apart you'll notice the firing pin is barely seated in, could easily damage or jump off track. Bad design. I modified to 21° but still same problem.


My old dewalt 18v Brad nailer did this. after having to reset the belt inside a few other times to get it to stop making a loud horrible squealing sound when I pressed the trigger or head down in sequential bump mode, I fixed that problem a few times but one occasion the motor would not spin the belt pulley and just barely jolt. I pushed the pulley wheel around with my hand and kinda felt almost all the tension give and knew that I probably just damaged a inner safety catch or spring of some sort. Now it does exactly that. Just has no power and barely sets the nail in 75% of the time, I upgraded to 20v and try to be more conscious about where a nail plate or structural strapping may be hiding behind some drywall or sheathing. My 18v 16g I would nail trim( cove or small og or crown) into stucco cinder blocks or whatever , it still works but also picked up the 20v 50% off depot few years back. Therese a small defect with the 20v guns where I dont think it affects performance within the tool but when you turn the tool on its left they rev up real rough and some slight grinding sounds




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I have one of the first Dewalt second fix nailers and its worked fine for years, the occasional jam, mainly because I'm hitting breeze block, but no real issues. Then of course the batteries started to fail and because I couldn't get Dewalt Batteries, I bought copies. Then my problems started, the nails were not penetrating properly and every so often it wouldn't fire. I assumed it was the batteries and bought another, then another. Then I saw a repair of a Dewalt First Fix nailer with the same problem and thought I would try it out my Nailer. Low and behold, two hours and £5 later, its fixed.

So I thought I would pass it on. 

A lot of people talk about oiling the firing pin, well my gun has a no oil symbol on it and when you take the nailer apart

you understand why. Basically when you depress the end of the gun it fires up the motor which spins a wheel with

grooves in, a bit like an alternator pully. When you depress the trigger, a solenoid suddenly brings into contact with the wheel a straight arm with matching grooves, this arm with a pin at one end then shoots towards the nail and fires it in.

After several thousand nails and I suspect even quicker if your not careful with the WD40, the pulley and arm become slightly dirty and the loss of friction causes bad firing. The solution is easy, take it apart and clean (I used electrical circuit cleaner, alcohol based I think) the parts that make contact. I did it a couple of times and the gun is like new.

Hope this helps someone.

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Ok so my dewalt 20v cordless framing nailer has been wanting to kick the bucket for a good couple of month. Jamming like crazy, sometimes spool up and no shots fired. The solenoid to drop the firing pin on to the spinning flywheel would actuate and nothing. I would fiddle arround and it would work again and then i pick it back up and it wouldnt work. It was hell. Always at the worst time. 


Anyways, i pulled the top off to look at the firing pin and found a return spring broke so ordered one ( dewalts service kit for the nailers is discontinued. You need to hunt for the springs themselves now)


Replaced springs and no difference. Still spools up. Solenoid drops but no pin fire but now only consistantly broken. Not a shot here or there. 


So now i pulled the whole thing apart. Firing pin some wear but nothing crazy. Ive seen worse. The springs to pull down the bearing a little slack on the mechanism that pushes the pin onto the flywheel. So i made them a little tighter by winding it round once. 


Dug a little deeper and took out the magnet in the belly of the tip and found bits of my return spring and tons of nail shards getting in the way down there so made a point to clean that out. I was shocked how much there was. You think its bad when you look at it from the cassette side. Take a look inside.


Anyway after these two things and a clean up with electrical contact cleaner i was certain it would help so reasembled and tested and the same. No fire. No fire no fire.


However the guns way more solid. The solenoid pop is so sweet. Theres no crunchy sounds. Just no fire. 


So that pretty much rules out it all. I need a neq firing pin and they are so expensive. Almost $150 dollar and half the price of a new gun. 


Heres the fix, or at least something that will keep you going if you know you got a worn pin. Take the black plastic cap off the back of the gun. The one with the 3 torx screws. You will see the rear of the firing pin. Try firing a nail with a small amount of pressure on the back of the pin. Dont use your hand. Use something hard. I used the black cap you just removed. 


If the gun fires and fires perfectly then a quick fix was so fold some duct tape into a square that will fit the indentation of thw black cap you removed. Then apply a piece of tape over the entire back of the cap to hold it in place. Then screw the back cap back onto the gun. 


What you are doing is creating a pillow behind the firing pin which is also giving the firing pin a new home/starting point to fire from, which means that if you have a worn firing pin its going to mean some new contact areas to grip onto the flywheel. 


As the pin becomes more worn just keep making your ductape pillow a little more thicker and thicker. I would add a bolt but i prefer a more softer thing for it to return on. 


Since ive done this ive gone from depressed to incredibly happy. The thing hasnt skipped a heartbeat. And it feels like brand new. The kickback is back. The solenoid is solid. And no more jamms.


Im waiting to see how many adjustments i can make till its totally toast and how frequently. Theres a small possibility i could be screwing up my flywheel by not replaceing the pin but all the parts are so darn expensive so whats the point. The spooling up of thw flywheel isnt crunching so why worry. 


Il worry about it all again when it refuses to sink nails. Then its time to get a new firing pin or a new gun. 


Ive got milwaukees cordless framing nailer as well and it makes the dewalt look like a childs toy. Milwaukee good for framing and the dewalt is surprisingly good for sheathing but be prepared to go through em. Now i got the milwaukee to frame with im happy to use this beater dewalt as my cordless sheather. Milwaukee isnt good for sheathing as it has a themal overload protection so you do 1 row of edge sheathing and have to wait about 15-20 seconds for the thing to stop flashing at you.


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