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Cordless Brushless Chainsaw

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Purchased a new cordless brushless 12 inch chainsaw 3 weeks ago. I'm very pleased with the performance of the saw. This model has the tool less chain tensioner. The problem I'm having is the tension adjustment is limited. I'm on my third chain because the first two apparently stretched to the point where the tensioner has been driven into the hardstop. I called the Ryobi service line and the tech said it was chain stretch and recommended I take it to a Ryobi authorized service center to have them verify saw is not defective. The tech at the service center confirmed no saw defects and recommended I buy a replacement chain. Did that and the I was able to adjust chain tension again. After several hours of use, I was in the same situation. Replaced that chain, and then was able to adjust its tension. Three chains in three weeks seems excessive. My 10" Ryobi saw used maybe 4 chains in 5 years. Anyone else having this problem?

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Pablo82. Thanks for your comment. I'm sure I'm not trying to set tension with the locking wheel tight. As a matter of fact when I run out of chain adjustment, with the cover removed I can turn the adjustment wheel by hand and watch it hit its hard stop allowing for no further adjustment. I put on a new chain, adjustability returns. 

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Ed - I have exact same symptom. I don't have a solution, sadly. Some thoughts: 1) I think the hard stop is too soon. If you disassemble you can see clearly that there is more room to travel - design flaw. 2) I'm going to try removing a link in the chain. Also, local hardware store had super knowledgeable chainsaw person who suggested getting a custom chain - apparently plenty of places will do that. Just one less link would provide all the adjustment range we'd need.



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