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milwaukee m18 drills, off center spinning?


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Hey, so i TIG weld and i use a drill to sharpen my tungstens on a bench grinder with a 320grit diamond/glass grinding wheel (most efficient way to sharpen tungsten in my opinion). 


Now my issue is that i just bought a whole set of milwaukee FUEL power tools and the drill is brand spanking new.


But when i use it to sharpen my tungsten, it turns eccentrically causing my tungsten to sharpen unevenly. 


I used my 'shitty' old DEwalt drill and boom its turning straight. 


I've tried this with a few other milwaukee drills and they all have the same problem. 


Why is that?

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Milwaukee’s chuck wobble (runout) is pretty well documented.
Of all the brands, they are probably the worst offender.

There are YouTube videos of guys fixing the chucks by grinding/boring on a lathe etc.
I wound up exchanging mine and going through a couple at HD until I got one that appeared to be ok. ( it was still off a bit).

Can you exchange it?

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