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MacGyver Moment

Harold Wray

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We all have had those times when we use a tool for its non intended purpose to get the job done. or found an ingenious way to solve a problem. Be it chewing gum to fix a leak or keep putting extra nails to keep the fence from falling down. Let's hear what cool thing you did to just "get it done".

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I was installing recessed lights in the ceiling. I was ready to drill the holes and knew it would create a LOT OF DUST. I had seen those cup's that go around your hole saw to keep it from going everywhere but didn't want to spend more money. So I just got one of those disposable tupperware containers, cut a hole in the middle for the end of bit to fit through and it worked. Perfectly. No dust. Everything just settled in the container. Not a big deal but I thought it was kinda cool.

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I dont know who would pay that much for a hammer??


Titanium Stiletto framers run around $250. That's insanely expensive for a hammer, but I guess if I was on a framing crew and used one all day, everyday, I would want the best hammer money could buy. If you saw my thread on it, I'm really digging the Vaughan Stealth I just got. Feels awesome. 100% Made in USA and under $30. That's an awesome combination. 

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$250 is insane for a hammer.  However they sent us one back in 2008 or 2009 and I love it.  I think mine was the $125 version.  Still the main hammer I use today.  The ideas you guys have about for the MacGyver are great ideas.  I can't say I am that smart and think outside the box.  My only idea I did was to turn my table saw into a router table also.  I built a small wood box that would fit into the table saw where it expands.  

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