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Advice needed: need new screwdriver


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Power and cordless screw driver are never associated.

Klein 5 in 1. Can’t go wrong there. More power than any cordless toy screw driver.

Pretty much any major name brand drill/driver has more power and options. A good high torque Dewalt or Milwaukee or Makita is going to set you back about $150. Scratch that. You buy a battery and a charger kit and it comes with a free drill/driver! Budget minded drill/drivers (Craftsman, Rigid, Ryobi, etc.) are around $100 with a battery and charger.

Those cordless screwdrivers are so vastly underpowered I can put more torque on the above manual screwdriver. They are intended to separate a Christmas shopper from their money but that’s it.

Also the ergonomics are horrendous. You’ve got this huge fat barrel to contain the batteries that only fit properly in the hands of a gorilla. Then your grip is in the traditional screwdriver position so if it was “powerful” you couldn’t hold onto it. Drill/drivers have a pistol style grip off to the side that fit just as well in my twelve year old girls hands in her robotics club as my pro weight lifter team mate at work and greatly increase your ability to hold it.

With a drill/driver I can vary the torque for soft materials, increase it and drive wood screws into shed and dried hard wood (if it doesn’t split), drive drill bits for the screws, run but drivers, Allen, and Torx bits, and turn on hammer mode and do all of the above into concrete and masonry. On one charge often all day long.

The cordless screwdrivers don’t do pretty much any of that except run screws in drywall and picture frames on soft wood and screw the tiny screw in the battery door of the other kids toys.

One possible advantage is this. My Gen 2 Milwaukee drill/driver has enough torque in drill mode to easily bruise or break your wrist if it grabs hard in low speed high torque mode. A cordless screw driver stands a good chance of being broken when I get frustrated with it.

Make sure to buy a pink colored one. The light reflects better off them to help see the screw.

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Hey there,

If you want to do DIY in the home the easy way, nothing beats Black+Decker's LI4000. It's powered by a 4-volt lithium-ion battery, which may be on the low end of the spectrum. Still, it can efficiently perform basic jobs around the house, such as installing shelves and cabinets, furniture assembly, and lighting projects.

It features a 6-position clutch, a forward/reverse switch; a built-in LED light, an easy-to-read indicator window, and a magnetic tip. Even better, the screwdriver comes with 11 accessories. For any use, an electric torque screwdriver will be the best option. It will be an asset to the home.

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